Classes are held on Monday evenings… 

Summer hours!

Please note: During the months of July and August only, our class starts at 6:30pm, and continues until 8pm.
(In the fall quarter, we will return to our normally scheduled time slot: 7pm to 8:30pm.)

Beginners welcome

Together we study the Yang style long form and push hands, as inherited from Yang Chengfu and Fu Zhongwen.  No prior experience required.

Students with prior training in Taijiquan can also benefit from this class:

  • Detailed refinements to posture and movement;
  • Friendly interactions with new classmates and dedicated enthusiasts;
  • A fresh perspective on a timeless art form.

Our Tai Chi classes serve a broad spectrum of age, size, gender, fitness and skill.  Every student receives personal attention and corrections from the instructor.

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and flat-soled shoes. No other equipment or preparation is needed.

Ongoing registration

Class registrations are handled through Bitter Lake Community Center. For your convenience, you may register online (note the “barcodes” below), over the phone, or in person.

Your registration covers six to eight weeks of classes, at a very affordable rate of only $7 per class! This is a fantastic opportunity to learn whether Tai Chi is right for you.

If you enjoy these classes, you may register for additional class blocks as they are added to the community center schedule.

Current schedule:

  • July 2 through August 27 (course barcode 182855)
  • September 10 through October 22 (course barcode 182855)
  • (More will be added in the future)

The best time to start learning is today!  Please feel free to join the current block in progress, rather than waiting for the next block.  This is an ongoing class, and every session includes a mixture of old and new material. (If the online registration system will not allow you to join the current block, you may call the community center to register over the phone.)

Please contact us, or call Bitter Lake Community Center at 206-684-7524 with any questions.

Stay informed

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Relax harder!

Private lessons also available.