Online Personal Tai Chi Coaching

I offer online personal coaching, to students who are unable to attend in person. Sessions are held via Zoom video conference.

Structure and feedback are similar to our in-person classes and lessons. We will focus on evaluating and improving your performance of the Steelyard forms; with occasional digressions into the history, principles and theory and applications of Tai Chi.

15-minute bookings are currently available on Tuesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons (Pacific Time).

Requirements and recommendations
  • Clients must sign a coaching and publicity agreement, similar to those used in our in-person classes.
  • Videoconference sessions require a phone or webcam, adequate lighting and floor space, and Internet bandwidth sufficient for video. Clients should prepare or verify these conditions in advance.
  • I encourage clients to record a 60-second video of their form, prior to booking a session. We can then review and discuss this video together. This practice allows for clear, efficient communication, and measurable progress over time.

Booking instructions

  1. Contact me with any questions.
  2. Pay in advance for session.
  3. Receive and electronically sign client agreements.
  4. Schedule session using online appointment calendar.
  5. Learn, benefit and enjoy!

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