For health, strength and self-realization.

Tai Chi Chuan is a holistic exercise for everyone

Learn the discipline praised by Harvard Medical School, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and others as “The World’s Most Perfect Exercise.”

Improve balance and stability

Maximize your personal power. Minimize the risk of falls.

Gain endurance, mobility and coordination

Transform clumsy, isolated movements into a graceful flow.

Reduce stress

Lower blood pressure. Replace depression and anxiety with calm, focused awareness.

Join a supportive community

Find new motivation, positive role models, friendly competition and accountability.

Personalized instruction from a Tai Chi world leader

Classes are led by an international gold medalist, and acclaimed expert in the field.

Reviews from our students

When I began classes, I could barely stand on one foot without tipping over. Now I can stand on one foot and swing my leg forward and back and remain stable without a problem. I am amazed by how my balance has improved because of Tai Chi. Chris explains how these movements should be fluid and I find that they are relaxing and almost meditative…

Peter Agnos


I have been a student of martial arts for 50 years… Chris does an excellent job of deconstructing Tai Chi moves which, at first blush, seem extremely complicated. Since students are at different levels he needs to blend basic techniques with those that are more advanced, while keeping the senior students interested and not overwhelming the newer students. His success at doing this makes his teaching effective and enjoyable.

Mark Mestel


I turned 50 last month and have not gone to a gym or taken any form of structured fitness class for years. I decided it was time to get in to something which would be good for me and that I could do for the rest of my life. I’m so glad to have found Shoreline Tai Chi… Chris is the real deal for anyone who wants to learn the “real” way of doing this art. He’s got a good sense of humor, he’s detailed, intelligent, dedicated, and the cost of class is fair and reasonable.

Russ Shulman

Business Owner

Visitors welcome

Classes are held in North Seattle and Mountlake Terrace — just minutes away from Lynnwood, Edmonds and Shoreline. We also invite students from Bothell, Kirkland and surrounding areas.