I have been a student of martial arts for 50 years and training with Chris for just short of a year. Chris does an excellent job of deconstructing tai chi moves which, at first blush, seem extremely complicated. Since students are at different levels he needs to blend basic techniques with those that are more advanced while keeping the senior students interested and not overwhelming the newer students. His success at doing this makes his teaching effective and enjoyable.

~ Mark M.

Very knowledgeable and patient instructor, makes sense of movements that are at the same time complicated and simple. You learn the Yang style form and how those movements apply in Push hands. Great class for beginners to advanced.

~ Kay N.

…over my 40-odd years of studying, I have found few — teachers or students — with [Chris’] grasp of Tai Chi and his ability to convey it to others.

~ Ross Andrus

Chris does a excellent job…due to his extensive training and inquiry into all that is truly effective. He is able to break things down, and illuminate many of the mysteries of Tai Chi Chuan. His unique set of skills has been enormously helpful.

~ Mark Girouard

I was pleased when I came across Chris Marshall of Shoreline Tai Chi several months ago. I have practiced various martial arts for thirty some odd years, and have been frustrated in my search for a Tai Chi class that suited me. Chris is very knowledgeable, and understands the martial applications of each movement. He is able to demonstrate and explain the movements clearly, and he leads class in a very comfortable rhythm. Chris is able to effectively teach a class of students with a wide range of experience and physical ability. He is perceptive, and “corrects” students with finesse. Chris has a good sense of humor, and a noticeable lack of pretentious ego.

~ Suzanne P.

We have been learning tai ji with Chris for two years now, and strongly recommend it! He is a fantastic teacher, constantly tailoring his instruction to each student in the class, and successfully engaging both newcomers and more seasoned students. We are very privileged to learn this art from such an accomplished and friendly teacher.

~ Gustavo G.

Chris is a knowledgeable instructor who is able to translate significant tai chi experience into achievable lessons that make sense to students with quite a variety of physical abilities and histories.

The class is a comfortable, quiet, non-judgmental place for students to learn and be successful, with elements tailored to multiple levels of skill. Group instruction, complimented by the history and purpose of the different aspects of the form and augmented by individual advice and posture correction, generally takes up the first half of the class. The second half is devoted to partner exercises, which both illustrate the purpose of the elements being practiced and help hone students’ sense of balance and ability.

Whether you’re searching for an enjoyable learning experience, better flexibility and balance, an understanding of the roots of tai chi, or a grounded and practical martial art, you’re likely to find something beneficial in Chris’s weekly classes. Cannot recommend highly enough – I’m very grateful to have found such a welcoming place to learn.

~ Nikki B.