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The Form and Postures of Yang Style Taijiquan

View a complete list of postures in English and Chinese.

Tai Chi Theory, History and Principles

Browse the Tai Chi dictionary.

Read selections from the “Tai Chi Classics.”

Learn the history of Tai Chi in English.

Student Newsletter

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Class Shirts and Shoes

Form Demonstration Video

Performed by masters Fu Zhongwen, Xie Bingcan and Chris Marshall

Introducing the Steelyard Tai Chi Short Forms

The Essence and Applications of Taijiquan

Yang Chengfu’s classic book contains a photo of each posture, and brief descriptions of the transitional movements between these postures.

Training Equipment

Class Handouts and Video

Tai Chi 101 Worksheet (Winter 2023)

Comb the Horse Demonstration (Fall 2023)

Golden Rooster Demonstration (Winter 2024)

Supplemental Exercises

Vital Prehab Exercises for Tai Chi Students

Community Forum

Private discussion group for Shoreline Tai Chi students

Competition Rules

Push Hands Competition Rules

2019 IWUF Rules and Judging Methods

IWUF sections relevant to Yang style Tai Chi include:

  • Taijiquan, Taijijian Competition Attire Types & Specifications
  • Optional Taijiquan, Taijijian Routine Content Requirements
  • Taijiquan & Taijijian technique categories, deduction content and deduction codes

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