Tai Chi Classes in Seattle and Shoreline

Beginners welcome

We study the traditional Yang style form and push hands, as taught by the renowned masters Yang Chengfu and Fu Zhongwen.

Our Tai Chi classes serve a broad spectrum of age, size, gender, fitness and skill. Every student receives personal attention and corrections from the instructor.

  • Detailed refinements to posture and movement;
  • Friendly interactions with new classmates and dedicated enthusiasts;
  • A fresh perspective on a timeless art form.

No prior experience is necessary; but students with prior training in Taijiquan (or other arts) are welcome to attend. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, and flat-soled shoes.

Current locations and times

Wednesday evenings in Seattle, Washington

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I try one class before registering for a complete session?
A: Absolutely. All visitors are welcome to a free trial class.
A: Due to temporary space restrictions, all attendees must register in advance to enter the classroom. Unfortunately we cannot admit visitors without registration.

Q: Is it okay to arrive to class late, or leave early?
A: No problem.

Q: I don’t live in Western Washington. Can I still learn from you?
A: Our newsletter is free and open to everyone. I also offer private lessons by appointment.

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Register for classes using the links above; or learn more about the instructor and view photos and videos from our recent classes.