Classes at Shoreline Tai Chi

Classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings

Our curriculum

Our Tai Chi classes serve a broad spectrum of age, size, fitness, gender, and skill. As a new student, you may expect:

  • Improvements in your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health;
  • Friendly and supportive interactions with classmates;
  • Detailed guidance to refine your posture and movement;
  • Explorations of Taiji theory, history, and martial application.

Class level options

  • In our Monday beginners classes, we focus on one section of the traditional Yang style Tai Chi form, using simple drills and partner choreography.
  • In our Wednesday all-levels classes, we practice longer sequences, and a wider range of solo and partner drills. This includes moving push hands, martial applications, and other “closed-door” material which is not offered at other local schools, or known by other nearby teachers.

Lessons and feedback are always tailored to the current abilities of individual participants. Most exercises are performed at low to moderate intensity.

Enrollment Requirements

Tai Chi is performed while standing. All students must be able to stand up without a cane or other assistance.

Participants must electronically sign a liability agreement and media release. You will receive an email with instructions after registration.


See the Contact Us page for location(s).

Mondays are held at Lake Ballinger Center. Wednesdays are held at a private residence near Bitter Lake Community Center; the address will be provided after registration.

Current schedule

The best time to start learning is today! Feel free to join the current session in progress (if space allows), rather than waiting for the next quarter. Every class includes a mixture of old and new material.

Summer Quarter 2024

July 1 through September 23, 2024 (12 weeks)
No class on Monday July 15 or Wednesday September 25

Tai Chi for Beginners: Full Circle

Monday evenings, 7pm to 7:55pm

Learn selected movements from the classic art of Tai Chi. Postures include “Apparent Closing” and “Return to Origin.”

Together we will practice a variety of solo drills and partner exercises, designed to help you remember, understand, apply and enjoy Tai Chi.

Martial Tai Chi for Beginners

Monday evenings, 8pm to 8:55pm

Improve your coordination, awareness and balance with the help of a partner. This gentle “fixed step pushing hands” exercise will clarify and deepen your understanding of Tai Chi, the solo form, and its relationship to martial arts.

Steelyard 27 Tai Chi Form (All Levels)

Wednesday evenings 7pm to 7:55pm

Learn our short form, which presents the essence of Tai Chi in a compact 4-minute sequence. Experience a traditional immersion method of learning. Class includes review, feedback and supplementary training drills.

Agile Pushing Hands

Wednesday evenings 8pm to 8:55pm

Explore the connections between Tai Chi Chuan and practical martial arts application. Learn and play with a variety of traditional “moving-step” choreographies, and freestyle adaptations.

View Summer Quarter PDF Flyer

Spring Quarter 2024

April 1 through June 26, 2024 (13 weeks)

Monday 7pm — Tai Chi for Beginners: Piercing Palm

Monday 8pm — Tai Chi Pushing Hands for Beginners

Wednesday 7pm — Steelyard 27 Tai Chi Form (All Levels)

Wednesday 8pm — Moving-Step Pushing Hands

View Spring Quarter PDF flyer

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Tai Chi?
A: Click here for the answer.

Q: What is pushing hands?
A: Click here for a quick answer. Click here for a brief video demonstration.

Q: How are your classes different than others nearby?
A: Please check the instructor qualifications, and student reviews. (You can also learn more about our unique approach by reading previous newsletters.)

Q: Can I try one class before registering for an entire session?
A: Yes. All visitors are welcome to a free trial class, if there is space remaining. It is common for our classes to be fully enrolled.

Q: What if the class session is fully enrolled?
A: You may join the waitlist, and/or consider private lessons.

Q: Is it okay to arrive to class late, leave early, or miss a week?
A: No problem.

Q: What should I wear? Where can I park? How should I prepare?
A: Read this orientation guide.

Q: I don’t live in Western Washington. Can I still learn from you?
A: We offer private lessons by appointment, both online and in person. We also host quarterly community events. Our email newsletter is free and open to everyone.

Video: Peek Inside a Tai Chi Class

Watch: Casual Fajin in Yang style Taijiquan


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