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Summer of the Dragon Push Hands Conference

July 27-28, 2024 in Shoreline, Washington

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Tai Chi Push Hands Open Mat

September 2024
More details to be announced later

Regular Events

In cooperation with the King Street Martial Arts Group, we are pleased to announce this opportunity for freestyle Tai Chi Push Hands training. Sessions are typically held on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings in the north Seattle area. Please inquire for details, or visit the link above.

Past Events

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Celebration

Saturday April 27, 2024 at Cromwell Park in Shoreline, Washington

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day is an annual event that takes place on the last Saturday of April. This year, it falls on April 27.

World Tai Chi Day was created in 1999, to promote the traditions and benefits of Tai Chi Chuan. Participants in over 80 countries celebrate this event, meeting and training together in public at 10am local time.


  • 9:40am – Standing meditation
  • 10:00am – Yang 85 form practice (long form)
  • 10:45am – Coffee, tea and cookies
  • 11:15am – Steelyard 27 form practice (short form)
  • 11:30am – Casual push hands
  • 2pm – Cleanup and finish

No prior Tai Chi experience? You’re welcome to join us at 11am.

Participants must sign a liability agreement and media release provided at the event.

Push Hands Open Mat

Wednesday April 24, 2024 – 8pm to 9pm
Studio Deep Roots – $25
drop-in fee (for non-members)

An “open mat” is an all-levels training session, with a focus on building skill through experience. Unlike normal classes, which progress through a structured lesson plan, an open mat day allows free exploration. Basic health and safety protocols apply.

Open mats provide a valuable opportunity for different arts, styles, and practitioners to come together and learn from each other.

During this open mat session, we will be following a relaxed version of the standard rules for moving push hands. No prior Tai Chi experience is required.

Street shoes are not allowed on the practice floor. You may wear non-marking cloth slippers, socks or bare feet. Participants must sign a liability agreement and media release provided at the event.

Register here in advance. No registration at the door.

Spring Tai Chi Push Hands Retreat

Sunday March 10, 2024 at Cromwell Park in Shoreline, Washington

An all-day event focused on cooperative push hands training. Previous experience is welcome, but not required.


  • 9am
    • Check-in and registration
    • Free coffee and pastries
  • 9:15am
  • 10am
    • Opening remarks
    • Push Hands 101 demonstration and clinic
  • 10:15am
    • Morning push hands session
    • Morning group photo
  • 12:30pm
    • Lunch break
    • Pizza party (gluten-free on request)
  • 2pm
    • Afternoon push hands session
  • 5pm
    • Afternoon group photo
    • Cleanup and farewell

Push Hands Open Mat

February 7, 2024 – 8pm to 9pm

Event Highlights Video

Full Session Recording

Casual Practice Sessions

December 27, 2023 and January 3, 2024
7pm to 9pm
Studio Deep Roots

Formal teaching resumes on January 8 — but we can still meet and practice together in the meantime! Drop by and follow along with this modified schedule:

7:00pm – Yang 85 form (standard and mirror image)
7:45pm – Casual fixed-step push hands
8:25pm – Moving step push hands

These practice sessions are free to all registered fall and winter quarter students. First-time visitors are also welcome, and asked to pay a drop-in fee.

Push Hands Open Mat

November 22, 2023 – 8pm to 9pm
Studio Deep Roots – $20
drop-in fee (for non-members)

Summer Tai Chi Push Hands Retreat

Saturday July 29, 2023
Cromwell Park in Shoreline, WA


8:30am — Self-directed warmups and forms practice
9am — Check-in and registration
9:30am — Opening remarks
9:35am to 12:30pm — Morning push hands session
12:30pm — Lunch
2pm to 5pm — Afternoon push hands session
5:45pm — Group dinner at Chiang’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

…then stay around for the Seattle International Martial Arts Championship on Sunday July 30…

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

Saturday April 29, 2023 at The Majestic Ballroom in Bellingham, WA
Hosted by the Golden School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Year of the Rabbit Tai Chi Festival

Sunday January 22, 2023 at Studio Deep Roots

An all-day event celebrating Tai Chi Chuan. Featuring expert-led seminars, form practice, push hands, and more.

Previous Tai Chi experience is welcomed, but not required.


9:10am – Check-in and registration
9:30am – Standing meditation and free time
10:00am – Basic training and hand form practice
10:00am to 10:25am – Led by Derryl Willis, Seattle School of Chen Style Taijiquan
10:30am to 10:55am – Led by Mark Girouard, Bellevue Tai Chi
11:00am – Short seminars
11:00am to 11:15am – “Yi leads Chi: How mind organizes movement” by Bob Iden, Laughing Ox Internal Arts
11:20am to 11:35am – “Positional Wrestling for Push Hands” by Michael Renney, Seattle Martial Arts Research and Sparring Club
11:40am to 11:55am – “Yielding to load and issue energy” by Gene Golden, Golden School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan
12:00pm – Free time
12:30pm – Lunch hour
1:30pm – Fixed-step push hands tournament [Rules]
2:30pm – Casual push hands
5:00pm – Group dinner at Chiang’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant

$40 recommended donation (cash, Zelle or credit card).

All events and sections are optional. You may participate at the level of your interest and comfort. Attendees must sign a liability agreement and media release provided at the event.

Street shoes are not allowed on the practice floor. You may wear non-marking cloth slippers, or socks.

RSVP by completing this short survey by January 21, 2023. Participation will be limited to the first 30 registrants, so act fast.

Mid-Autumn Tai Chi Festival

Sunday September 11, 2022 at Cromwell Park in Shoreline
Prerequisite: 3 months of Tai Chi experience, or organizer permission


10:00am – Standing meditation
10:15am – Warmups and loosening exercises
10:30am – Yang 85 form practice
11:15am – Qigong seminar by Mark Girouard
11:30am – Lunch and free time
12:30pm – Taijiquan applications workshop by Gene Golden
1:00pm – Fixed-step push hands tournament
2:00pm – Casual push hands practice
5:00pm – Group dinner

March 2024 Push Hands Retreat

World Tai Chi Day 2022

Saturday April 30, 2022 at Cromwell Park in Shoreline
10am to 4pm

Free Group Practice Session

Saturday June 5, 2021
10am to 11am
Bitter Lake Playfield

King County is now in Phase 3 of the state COVID recovery plan. Outdoor gatherings up to 50 people are allowed. So let’s come together and practice Tai Chi!

We’ll meet at 10am, and practice the Yang style long form. Join in for one, or three times in a row, according to your preference. Please bring a mask and plan to remain six feet apart.

Need to refresh your memory? Watch the complete Yang 85 form on YouTube.

Competitive Tai Chi Push Hands

June 12 through July 31, 2021 (8 weeks)
Saturdays 10am to 11am at Bitter Lake Park

Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind with focused training in competitive Tai Chi.

During this eight-week outdoor course, we will learn and refine a variety of Tai Chi pushing hands drills. We will develop balance, resilience, fitness, sportsmanship and overall technical excellence.

We will follow the current state COVID guidelines for recreational sports:

  • You must wear a mask at all times.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days, you must not enroll in this class series.
  • If you begin to show signs or symptoms during this series, you must stop attending.

This course is intended for former and current students of Shoreline Tai Chi, with a minimum of 3 months prior experience. Please contact the instructor with any questions.